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Free 3D models: Akant blinds

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Akant blinds – Free 3D models:


Hi everyone!


Today is Friday! So we start the weekend. 🙂 We have a gift for you. Akant blinds is a high-quality set of free 3D models. Objects were selected from the project Akant products – CGI 3D models. We hope the models will serve you very well. Check our others freebies stuff.


In this set you will find the following models:
Akant Mosquito Net
Akant Panel Track
Akant Pleat Cosimo
 Akant Roller Blind Brutus


Autodesk 3ds Max 2014
Bercone noise
Chaos Group VRay
Corona Renderer A6 or higher (recommended Corona Renderer 1.1)



Products description:


Mosquito net window – frame flange type S – They protect our appartments and houses also from onerous insects. They are also ideal for summer houses and also places which in particular require such protection e.g. restaurants, hospitals. The mosquito net frame with flange type 5 is mounted on a window frame using non-invasive window frame woodwork. The frame mosquito net with flange type „S” is made from aluminium profiles.


Panel Track –  is not merely a decoration and covering for windows, it is also a modern way to screen a wall area. This system allows you to combine colours, and regulate the amount of light penetrating inside. Undoubtedly, an advantage of this product, is that it can obscure large glassed areas, and can be an attractive partition of an open space. There are three ways to mount them: on the window recess, wall or ceiling.


Pleat Cosimo – We are pleased to present another generation of pleated blinds.


COSIMO which upgrades the pleats:

Elegant design
Anode colours (including anthracite, champagne, olive)
Attractive appearance and functions
New profile grip
The profile is clicked in position on the grips– ensuring the pleats keep their shape
An exceptional collection of over 450 fabrics


More  info about products on producer website.










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